Japan News: Where to get the right information

As everyone now knows, Japan is currently in a difficult situation of dealing with the aftermath of the recent 9.0 earthquake and following tsunami, with a team of experts at the Fukushima nuclear power plant number 1 battling radiation and overheating reactor cores.

However, this is perhaps not the greatest threat to Japan right now. One of the biggest problems going on right now is how western media is portraying the news about Japan’s nuclear crisis. Most of these news sources are blowing the events out of proportion, which has ignited widespread fear in many people, including (at one time) me.


So here I have compiled some news sources I feel are reliable, and present fresh and vital perspectives on what is going on in Japan.

BBC News

For its around the clock coverage and updates, which even include occasional reader/viewer comments. They have some pretty good video coverage as well, without bringing a lot of fear. Click here to see their updates:


Christian Science Monitor

This news source also tells the facts without inciting fear. In fact, they even report on many good, heart-warming stories that are coming out of this disaster. Check them out:



News right from Japan, in English

Kyodo News

NHK World

Channel 4

Facebook News Updates

Asahi Shimbun

The Asahi Shimbun has been sharing some really good photojournalism on Facebook.

Twitter resources worth peeping about

@W7VOA,   @martyn williams, and @tomokohosaka

All three are correspondents in Japan covering the events, so they have a good raw resource for information, and they are good journalists.


Watch NHK Live

This is one of my favorites.  I found a website where you can watch NHK broadcasted in english.  This information comes straight from Japan also, and it’s a really good source.


Have you been following the news on Japan? What is your news source of choice for the events unfolding in Japan?