The News Roundup: April 17 – 23

Economic concerns have increased this week, as sharp decreases in exports have been confirmed for the month of March.  As Japan continues to press on through their challenges, stability seems to slowly be settling in.  However, challenges still remain in getting supplies to the quake hit areas, and bringing the nuclear reactors at Fukushima under control.

TEPCO (Tokyo Electric Power Company) who owns and operates the troubled nuclear power plant, has put forward a very aggressive plan to safely shutdown the troubled reactors in as little as six months.  As criticism of Prime Minister Naoto Kan and how the government handled the disaster, experts seek to learn from what happened to improve disaster preparedness for future tsunamis.

Check out our list of the tops news from Japan for this week.


Japan’s March convenience store sales grow amid post-quake hoarding

Quake hits Japan exports as data show 1st dip in 16 months

Japan mulls creating fund to manage quake-relief spending

OECD recommends tax hike for post-quake Japan


Japan to reach out to firms abroad to ease nuclear concerns

Japanese Revisit Nuclear Zone While They Can

Tokyo Takes Over PR From Plant Operator

TEPCO aims for cold shutdown in 6-9 months, but no guarantees

Other News

Pope responds to question from Catholic girl in quake-stricken Japan

Foreign journalists criticize government’s response to crisis

Disaster expert seeks better tsunami defense


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