The News Roundup May 22 – 28

This week we are broadening our list of news to give a more full, accurate impression on the week’s news in Japan.  Enjoy!


Honda to advance holidays to deal with low postquake operating rate

New Japan Airlines Commercial

Panasonic to cut more than 10,000 jobs in Japan in 2 years

Honda eyes layoffs of up to 15 days in summer

ANA and Continental Airlines to Expand Code-share Flights

Sony’s fiscal year hurt by ‘smack in the eye’

World’s oldest hotel struggles to attract domestic guests

Sony expects to post 80 billion yen profit in fiscal 2011

Two Japanese automakers announce recalls


The global car industry: After the quake

Record-low 91% of new graduates got jobs in April


ANIME NEWS: TMS updates streaming site, adds iPhone, iPad apps

Japanese anime and film industries aim to win over Chinese


A less nuclear future

Hiroshima resets ‘peace clock’ after U.S. plutonium tests

Japan can learn from Nordic nations on using clean energy

‘Eco-friendly’ taxi stand opens at Osaka Station

Panasonic plans Fujisawa eco-friendly ‘smart town’

Use solar and wind power to achieve new energy target

Fukushima group to start 10-year study on effects of radiation on wildlife


Japan, U.S. confirm Futenma relocation to Henoko

U.S. court victories show how to get rid of nuclear plants

Hiroshima resets ‘peace clock’ after U.S. plutonium tests

Softbank CEO Son morphs into advocate of nuclear phaseout

Obama vows U.S. support for quake-struck Japan

Steps to ensure safety of nuclear plant must be taken quickly

Kan must back energy target with specifics

LDP should not use nuclear crisis for political maneuvering

East Asia’s top leaders meet near nuke plant


Sumida rolls out specialties ahead of Tokyo Sky Tree tourism surge

After 30 years behind bars, two men found not guilty

Yokohama: What advantages does Yokohama have over Tokyo?

Super cool biz and signs of a setsuden summer

Survey: 73 percent of Japanese do not trust TEPCO


SUMO/ Hakuho passes ‘test’ to claim 7th straight tournament

GOLF/ Ishikawa earns spot for U.S. Open

RUBGY/ Rugby squad cheers up quake-hit Kamaishi


Ultra High Definition TV

Three firms tie up on power system

Quake/tsunami Disaster Developments

Small companies in evacuation zones to get unsecured loans

Preparation saved one island’s residents

Success mixed when it comes to planning for disasters

Foreign refugees pitch in to help

Quake victims offered easy-to-build wood structures

Genichiro Takahashi: Finding post-disaster hope in people who avoid ‘big words’

Nuclear Disaster Developments

Tepco admits two more meltdowns

20 terabecquerels of radioactive materials flowed out to Pacific

IAEA experts ready to start investigation

Nuke plant manager ignores bosses, pumps in seawater after order to halt

Japanese robots long gone before Fukushima accident

Residents briefly visit home in Fukushima no-entry zone