The News Roundup: May 8 – 14

Prime Minister Naoto Kan requested two weeks ago that Hamaoka nuclear power plant, has operated in a region in which a large earthquake is anticipated, be shut down.  Since late last week, Chubu Electric, the plant’s operator, has put almost all of the rectors into a cold shutdown.

Though this request brought gripes and grumbles from Chubu Electric and other nuclear energy proponents, it has marked the beginning of a new direction for Japan’s energy policy.

The crises that began March 11 seems to have stirred up major issues in Japan, including regional stability, disaster management, Naoto Kan’s effectiveness as a leader, and many others.

Yet it remains clear that nations are still lending a hand and individuals worldwide are continuing their financial contribution, as well as their efforts to send messages of love and comfort.

Here are some highlights of news for the week.

Hamaoka nuclear reactor completely shut down

Kan’s request to suspend nuclear plant lacks legal basis

Kitazawa expects noise reduction deal at Japan-U.S. talks

Foreigners Held in North Korea Pose Diplomatic Challenge

Reactor in Fukui Prefecture shut down after radiation levels spike

Crises spur push for relocating capital from Tokyo

Japan Earthquake: Two Months Later

American Tries Sending Words of Hope to Japan