A Taste of Japan

I am in Japan.  I have been here since June 23.  So, I am going to write a brief summary of what I have observed.  In my class I ask students to draw a face with: nose, eyes, ears, eyes, hand, and heart.  So, I will adopt the same format for my feelings.  This morning`s theme:  Nihon no aji (taste of Japan).

Pachinko machines are brightly lit, noisy machines people use to gamble.



I have tasted meccha umai no (very delicious) food.  I have spent the morning today hoeing potatoes.  They were very yummy.  I call them pachinko no okane (Pachinko money, see picture)  because they are round.  My friend calls me potato man.

Pachinko Balls, or "money".






I also have tasted Mos Burger and macha ice.  My friend has given me many different kinds of bread, too.  All YUMMY.

I will try later to upload my own photos.

Green Tea ice cream
Mos Burger
  • Sherry

    I love Macha!!!