The News Roundup: April 03 – 09

Japan seems to have seen a week of improvement. Workers at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant seem to have plugged the leaking radioactive water that was spilling into the sea. As thursday’s aftershock caused many blackouts and a few fires, injuries were minimal and work to cool reactors at the power plant continued after tsunami warnings from the 7.1 aftershock were canceled. Take a look at the top articles of the week.


Q&A: Health effects of radiation exposure


Fukushima Plant Could Leak Radiation for Months


Koreans overcome ethnic divide to aid quake-hit Japanese


Tokyo Electric disposing of low radioactive water in Pacific


Japan criticizes foreign media’s Fukushima coverage


Japanese Towns Struggle to Adapt to New Reality


Strong Earthquake Rattles Japan; Tsunami Warning Canceled


At Age 84, a City’s Last Geisha Defies Time and a 4th Tsunami


Status of nuclear facilities after Thursday’s strong aftershock


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