The News Roundup: April 10 – 16

As aftershocks continue to shake Japan, the Japanese people are reminded of their continuing work to get resources to those in need and bring the tsunami devastated region back on its feet.  This week the Japanese government has also increased the severity of the Fukushima disaster from a level 5 to a level 7 incident on the international scale for nuclear accidents.

As even large corporations have struggled to resume operations in the region, it has proved that there is much more work to be done.  Nevertheless, the Japanese spirit is unbroken as communities band together to do what needs to be done.  Take a look at this week’s top picks for articles and websites.

The Earthquake and Tsunami Aftermath

Man stranded in empty Japanese town since tsunami

JKTS: A Japanese medical aid worker’s diary

Japan’s Public Broadcaster Responds, Reports Crisis

After the tsunami – Ishinomaki

Conveying the Sadness in Japan’s Stoicism

Amid losses, Japan determined to reopen schools

Japan quake’s economic impact worse than first feared

The Nuclear Crisis

Some residents returning to evacuation zones near crippled nuke plant

U.S. ‘frustrated’ over Japan’s lack of N-info

Timeline: Nuclear plant accidents

Evacuation order expanded around crippled nuke plant

Some Japanese Evacuees Brave Radiation Fears to Briefly Return Home

Japan ups Fukushima nuke crisis severity to 7, same as Chernobyl

Tsunami damage at Fukushima Daiichi

‘Quiet’ Japanese take to the streets over nuclear fears

WHAT WENT WRONG: Fukushima flashback a month after crisis started

Cleaning Up Fukushima: A Challenge To The Core


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