The News Roundup: March 20-26

This past week in Japan has still proven relief and rescue to be quiet difficult. Although some parts of the nuclear power plant in Fukushima have stabilized, many problems still remain, and it is expected that it will take some time to bring all of the reactors under control.

Amidst all of the struggle, and hard work, Japan’s courage, strength, and sense of community has shocked the work almost more than the disaster that shined a spotlight on Japan. The important thing to know is that, while many things have gone wrong, many more things seemed to gone right.

Take a look at this past week’s most informative and well written jorunalism on the events in Japan.


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A warm heart

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More Miracles in Japan


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Global admiration for Japan in its darkest hour

Japan nuclear crisis ‘will be overcome’, says IAEA

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Austrian authorities release detailed data on Japan radiation

Tokyo Disneyland’s parking lot shows the risk of reclaimed land

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Japanese Town Mulls Future Without Whaling Industry

Islanders aim for energy independence

Faceless Heroes: The Fukushima 50

A good laugh

Fox News Discovers Nuclear Reactor In Japanese Disco