The News Roundup: March 27 – April 2

Japan’s continuing struggle to bring in supplies and help to much needed areas as well as the continuing crisis at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant has shown that much work remains to be done to bring Northeastern Japan back on its feet, especially for businesses that have been affected.


However, this past week many musical artists in Japan have stepped up to reassure the global community of the strength, determination, and unshakable character of the Japanese people. And, perhaps a key sign that everything will be alright is that the sakura (Japanese cherry blossoms) have begun to bloom in Japan.


Here are the top picks for the news this week:

Road to Recovery

Evacuees of washed-away town persevere, but anxieties grow

Miracle in Iwate: Mother prepared for death, then saw the light

Survivors strive to start picking up the pieces

Tsunami-ravaged Ishinomaki slowly sets off on long road to recovery

With parents missing, brothers split up after disaster

Ordeal Continues for Japan’s Nuclear Evacuees

Fukushima Daiichi Updates

IAEA chief says Japan’s nuke plant needs some time to stabilize

Japan on ‘Maximum Alert’ as Workers Try to Stem Leaks of Toxic Water

Tainted seafood fears spread as Japan plant leaks

Groundwater at nuclear plant ‘highly’ radiation-contaminated: TEPCO

Criticism over Crisis

Vanishing act by Japanese executive during nuclear crisis raises questions

Japanese nuke utility apologizes again and again


Japan disaster sparks social media innovation

Japan, Germany to work to enhance nuclear safety standards

Japan’s nuclear crisis: An opportunity for geothermal energy?

News in Images

Great Tohoku Earthquake & Tsunami 2011 Japan… The Black Mouth

Fukushima:  Inside the Exclusion Zone


What articles or images have you found informative or enlightening?